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Surrendering to WordPress

Posted in Tech Notes on July 23rd, 2010 by Victor Grey – Comments Off

The previous incarnation of this blog was, among other things, a software experiment. I wanted to learn about CouchDB, so I wrote a simple blog app in Ruby on Rails, using CouchDB as a back-end.

Well, CouchDB turned out to be a disappointment in several ways. First of all when I did some simple benchmarking against a real application, CouchDB was surprisingly slow. Considerably slower in fact that the default Rails ActiveRecord and MySQL. Secondly, the CouchDB paradigm of saving a javascript function for every desired query gets tiresome after not too long.

I’m still bullish on the NoSQL notion though, so I’ve moved on to MongoDB. I’ve been developing the next small thing in anti-social networks using MongoDB with Rails 3 and the Mongoid object mapper, and so far I’m very happy with it. It’s fast, it’s flexible, and it lends itself to modeling data in a way that feels just so. MongoDB is developed as open source by a small engineering-driven company called 10gen, and there seems to be a vibrant community of developers springing up around it. There’s even a monthly meetup in SF.

Meanwhile, I had this blog backed by CouchDB and no longer any good reason to incur the overhead of running CouchDB. Having approximately no interest in writing yet another blog app, I’ve decided to follow the path of least resistance off the cliff and bring up TATWD in WordPress.

Importing the posts from the previous blog was not all that easy, it being an idiosyncratic home-made application, and most of those posts just traced my own process through the world of software and identity anyway. Not the kind of literature that improves with age. So I just copy-and-pasted the few posts that I though I might conceivably want to refer to some day, and am letting the rest die gracefully. I hope the readers of this blog (yes, both of you) don’t mind too much.